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About the Practitioner

Bernette "Bee" Harrison, earned a degree at National Massage Therapy Institute(NMTI) in , Egg Harbor, NJ. I believes in living a stress free life or eliminating it as much as possible to be able to enjoy life to its fullest. My philosophy is, Live in Freedom..... Stress Free.... Mind, Body, Soul!!

Healing Through Touch Therapy
As a Mother of three children and one who was born with a muscle disorder(how ironic). It was a struggle managing my home and caring for my daughter. Also, suffering from post-partum depression, I managed, and Massage played a very important role in allowing me to stay calm, relaxed and creating a long lasting bond with my daughter. I believe in the power of massage and what it can achieve in ones life if you are willing to allow yourself to let go and bee free. I also believe in holistic healing. If I can use my gift of a healing touch to change a life, I will do all I can to achieve that. One person at a time. That creates happiness for me.

Massage allowed me to free Mind Body and Soul. In my free time I love to sing and write. Personal growth is very important to me. And Doing The Best Job That I Can, No Matter What The Challenge. Always...always........God First.

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